The smartest, most comfortable and affordable way to get around.
Be Free, Go BEMUP.

Whenever, Wherever: just let us know where you want to go. We drive you using our fleet and you get efficient, fast, inexpensive transportation at your fingertips. Welcome to the world of BeMup.

Who can use BeMup?

BeMup is for everyone who doesn’t (want to) own a car and who needs to go from A to B

We take everybody. Whether you want to travel by yourself or want to share, whether you travel often or infrequent. Check us out if you want more value for your travel money. We drive you 24/7 within 10 minutes of your trip request.

What drives the change to BeMup?

Owning, managing and operating your own vehicle is a pain. We take that away and provide you with the freedom to roam as cars were meant to be.

Your BeMup subscription replaces the ownership, the parking issues, the taxes, the tickets and your gas stops with your car. Your trip times are comparable, your cost is reduced and your is annoyance gone!

Why would you want BeMup?

Because we take you on all your trips.

If you want to save money but still need the freedom of a dedicated car. If you want to turn your travelling time into quality time rather than paying attention to the traffic. If you want to arrive at your destination without looking for a parking space. If you want mobility using clean, electrically powered vehicles.

BeMup explained


Drive by App

Whenever you need to go somewhere: use the app to tell us where you want to go and schedule a ride. We’ll be there in 5 minutes.

Your subscription

You subscribe for 200, 500 or 1000 kms and that balance can be used for a month. 500 km will cost €350 (during the pilot: €195).

Sharing makes sense

Your subscription costs you less if you are okay with sharing your vehicles with other travelers. On top of that: if you actually share your vehicle you get an additional discount for that trip.


You can optionally get an exclusive subscription. This guarantees you have the vehicle exclusively available for you and your guest travellers for the duration of your trips.

Location awareness

We use your location data to serve you optimally. This also enables us to improve on our service lead times. We will only use the data for BeMup purposes. We’re safe.


We want you to have a great ride with us. We go a long way and we intend to go even further. We actively seek your feedback and we want to make it as easy for you as we can. We both want you to be very happy with BeMup.

Enroll for the wait list

  • First 400 wait list entries are guaranteed BeMup service at the launch of the service in their municipality.
  • No commitment or payment needed when signing up for the wait list.
  • validation of the zip code, mobile number and email address is required to get an official Wait list Entry Number.

We are available in the following Municipalities


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