Autonomous operation of Tesla: one step closer, again

Written by Frank Kroon on Oct 23, 2020

Written by Frank Kroon

3 years ago

Tesla made a significant step towards autonomy operation of their vehicles with their October 20 release. The newly trained AI system now does right and left turns, roundabouts and basically everything you need to bring you from A to B. As this is a huge promise, which requires significant real life validation, the roll-out of this feature is sone cautiously, starting with the best drivers Tesla identified from their data so far.

The system will need more data to improve itself, but having the basic features is a giant step in the process of getting there. The October 20 release is fro USA only. Typically, Europe / the Netherlands are lagging 2-3 months. We have some time to get ore excited about it! Oh…one drawback: the price for FSD – Full Self Driving, has gone up $1,000 as it’s delivering uch more value now.

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