Tesla FSD about to make a leap forward

Written by Frank Kroon on Aug 8, 2022

Written by Frank Kroon

1 year ago

“FSD Beta 10.69 drops on 8/20,” tweeted Elon Musk recently. He refers to the long awaited next itereation of the FSD software which is now to release v.10.13.

Following his announcement, Musk reiterated: “this release will be big.” During the 2022 Shareholders Roundup, he said that v.10.13 was more like 10.69 because drivers will see significant improvements when the update rolls out.

“10.13 we’ve been working on for a while and—Actually, what sort of happened is we’ve made some pretty significant architectural improvements, so it’s really gonna be more than 10.12 to 10.13 release. It might—I don’t want to speak too soon—it might qualify for 10.69.” Musk said.

Earlier, Musk indicated all Tesla FSD buyers would get the FSD software by the end of this year.

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