Tesla is getting close to delivering Full Self Driving worldwide

Written by Frank Kroon on Aug 27, 2023

Written by Frank Kroon

1 month ago

Elon Musk demonstrated the development version of FSD v12 live in an X Space sesssion on August 25. Earlier Elon Musk indicated that V12 will not be a beta release any more, but a regular software update. The 40 minute drive with the V12 candidate software showed the driving style of v12 is very smooth. However, it did require one intervention still as the car initiated a red light run. You can see the full details on https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1djxXlVLaLOxZ?t=jChfWBWp7MvtmRyTgXpWDg&s=08 .

In addition to this: Elon shared on X  that FSD will become available first for HW3 equipped Tesla’s (typically the hardware all Tesla’s produced between 2018 and june 2023 have). Porting the FSD software for HW4 will take some 6 months. “…focus needs to be on getting FSD on HW3 working super well and provided internationally”.

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