Wake up call for Public authorities driving the energy transition

Written by Frank Kroon on Jul 29, 2019

Written by Frank Kroon

4 years ago

Electric Kilometers, not electric vehicles

The question for policymakers, then, is how best to bring about and support this cheap, zero-emission transport revolution? How to leverage the same incentives to produce an order-of-magnitude better outcome? The answer is, by moving the focus from Zero-Emission Vehicles ZEVs to zero-emission miles (ZEMs).

This is the key to achieving emissions-free road transport and requires a very different set of policies and infrastructure investments. For example, TaaS vehicles need a fleet-charging model, where thousands of cars are charged during off-peak hours (say, 2 am to 5 am) at industrial-size depots.

This is very different to the infrastructure needed to support individually-owned electric vehicles (EVs), where charging points, the majority of which would become obsolete after the move to TaaS, need to be everywhere. Providing investment in and incentives for this outdated model is, therefore, a mistaken, albeit well-intentioned, detour.


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